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The Alliance

People need a fair, affordable credit product. Lenders need a fair, affordable credit product. The Alliance exists to bring fairness for the lenders and fairness for the people they serve. Our partners represent organisations who have a role to play in making this possible. Collaboration, maximising our collective resources and focussing on what works will enable our movement to deliver change that is long term, measured and pragmatic.

Our Areas of Focus


Backing the providers of fair finance across the UK with funds, investment, expertise and other needs


Being pragmatic with calls for change that ensure fair credit is the norm and the safety net for those outside the credit market is strong


Developing plans to ensure financial education is embedded in schools and communities across the UK


Supporting professionals to signpost and support people in their communities to access support and fair finance products


Engaging the general public in a wider debate on the type of fairer society we want to live in and how we get it

Specific actions for each area of focus will be announced in the coming months.

Join Us

The Alliance has ambitious aims and is only as strong as it’s membership. Membership is free – but all members commit to collectively working towards the goal of fair credit for all, being strategic in the use of our shared resources and delivering collective action and backing individual actions (where the Alliance has agreed on the action).

Use the Contact Us page to discuss joining the Alliance.